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product error

A guy comes into the store to return an emergency jump-start pack. It’s past our return policy time so I test it out. It works fine – it is putting out the exact amount of power that it’s supposed to.

“But it didn’t start my truck! Well ok, it worked once, but definitely not the second time! And I was told there was a year warranty!”

Yes there is a year warranty, through the manufacturer. See it says here in bold DO NOT RETURN TO THE PLACE OF PURCHASE.

But  maybe you do need a new battery, which would solve the problem of needing an emergency backup at all. So I go out to test his car battery. For you non-car types, we test what is called Cold Cranking Amps. This is basically the surge of power needed to give the car the initial “oomph” required to start. The battery in his car was supposed to supply 530 CCA. It was only giving 350. According to my computer, which is all-knowing, his particular car is recommended to have at least 675. So that’s why he couldn’t start his car, and probably why the emergency pack didn’t help the second time.

“You’re the second person to tell me that this battery is bad.” Hmm, maybe that’s saying something. Especially since I don’t work on commission or anything. I just do my job, and YOU SAW the battery test bad. Oh and your car doesn’t start.

But the guy didn’t want to spend money – he just wanted his money back from the pack. Which I didn’t give him because it wasn’t broken. But then when he couldn’t leave because his car wouldn’t start, well, he begrudgingly bought the new battery, muttering that he “still has his doubts that the battery was the issue.”

Funny, I didn’t hear him complain after that. Maybe because his car started up successfully and he drove away.

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