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non-repeat customer

A guy brings an old battery in under our warranty policy, which is one year from the date of purchase. In order to satisfy the warranty, i.e. justify handing out brand new product without taking in brand new money, we have a series of tests that the battery must undergo. It usually takes about 24 hours.

When I walked in to work today, this guy called to check on the tests. I didn’t know how long it had been there, but the tests were still running so I told him it wasn’t done yet (true). I told him he can call again tomorrow, otherwise we’ll call him when it’s done. He didn’t say it was urgent, he didn’t sound mad, he just said he was “in the area” and thought he’d check on it.

He didn’t like my answer, so he called back to get our corporate phone number, which the store manager gave him. Not 20 minutes later, the battery finished testing. It was bad, so we prepared a new one for him to come pick up. However, he had already called corporate on us, and while the store manager was leaving a message for him, corporate was calling me. I explained the bad timing, and the message was relayed to him (twice). When he came in, he snatched the new battery away and said “Well you’re never getting any of MY money again!” Of course, he didn’t say that to my face – he said it as he was walking out the door. Maybe he thought the door was already closed behind him, I don’t know. But I gave my reply that I didn’t want any of his attitude either, and since the door still  wasn’t shut, I’m fairly sure he heard me.

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