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Damn this feeble feminine brain!

The phone rings, so I answer it.  A man is on the line.

‎”I need to ask someone about batteries.”

Ok, go ahead.

“Oh, YOU’RE going to answer them? I thought ladies were only hired to look pretty and answer phones.”

I said “no, I actually work here. What’s your question?” Normally I would be more polite, but for some reason I wasn’t really feeling it this time.

He proceeded to ask some pretty run of the mill questions, and I easily answered them. I even threw in extra jargon and technical terms that I normally leave out so the customer can understand what I’m talking about. Call me petty, but I didn’t want this guy to be able to understand me. (Of course he would never admit that he had no idea what those words meant since as a woman, I am obviously inferior somehow.)

Eventually we got to prices, and when he didn’t like my answer to those questions, he just hung up on me. Good. Didn’t want his business anyway. (Not that I would have been able to help him, right?)

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