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It’s a trap!

As a store that only sells batteries, we also have many different battery testers for store use, so when someone walks in and says “This is not working, can you test it?” we can. We also have some scruples, so if their battery is working just fine, we don’t sell them a new one.

A man walks in with his car key fob (the little button that locks & unlocks power doors) and says “can you test this?” I say sure, get the battery out, and test it.

“This here’s a dead battery.”

“Really? Because it still locks my car.” He said it as a challenge, like I was calling him a liar.

He wanted me to test a new battery, so he could get all up in my space and see the result, clearly convinced that our battery tester is rigged to fail everything. Well no, the  new one tested good. Like new, even. So he wanted to test both batteries himself, in case I was using some sort of battery-fail magic. Nope, he got the same results I did. I guess his battery wasn’t working well enough for him (which is what brought him in here in the first place, I assume) so he bought a new one.

Ha ha ha! It was all a scam! I got your $4, sucker!

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