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customers of status

Why do people feel the need to prove to me that they’ve been customers here for a long time?

You get the name droppers:
“Old Frank got the day off? I’ve been talking to him about motorcycles since before you were born.” (That last part irritates me on a different level, because they are always wrong about my age.)
“Chris still own this place? I ain’t seen that son of a gun round here in a while.” Because that son of a gun moved across the country and now just sits back in his mansion while we keep his investment running.

And you get the folks that assume you’re new (and thus don’t know what you’re talking about) because they’ve never personally seen you. Because everyone knows that in retail, we all work the exact same shifts, every week, and no doubt that customer only comes in at the exact same time of day, same day, as well.

These people don’t get any special discount for being long time customers, though many of them “jokingly” ask. They just feel like they can look down on you, even though they don’t realize that they are still coming to you for help.

It certainly doesn’t make me want to help them. I feel like if they were that important, they would deal with all their good buddies that are higher up than me. But since they aren’t…. yeah.



ps – are you following me on twitter? You get little one-liners that aren’t blog worthy, and a few random thought s that have nothing to do with this blog (or anything else).

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